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1st ESTAD & 31st JSI

7-8 April 2014 - Paris



Take advantage of this unique opportunity to underline your advertising, promote your company and products with:

Sponsor Packages (Please contact the organizer for further details)

Ø  Gold Sponsor: 5 000 €

Ø  Silver Sponsor: 2 500 €

Ø  Event Sponsor (Particular event such as coffee break, lunch, cocktail, etc.)

Specific sponsoring items


 Individual totem in the welcome hall

2 000 €  
 Logo on totem in front of conference rooms 750 €  
 Slide shots in all conference rooms 500 €  
 Documents at delegates’ disposal 250 €  

Abstract booklet

 Advertising in the abstract booklet – 1 page in color 1 000 €  
 Advertising in the abstract booklet – ½ page in color 500 €  
 2nd or 3rd cover 1 500 €  
 4th cover 2 000 €  

Your company logo in

 The preliminary program 500 €  
 The final program 500 €  
 The preliminary and final programs 750 €  

Insert in delegate bags of

 Documents / pens / paper note pads / USB keys / etc. 500 €  

Sponsoring of

 Badges and necklaces    
 Delegate bags with your company logo    


 Extend invitation to clients    

Event sponsor

 such as coffee break, lunch, cocktail, etc.    

The prices do not include VAT

Please contact the organizer for further details


Terms of payment

A complete application form is considered as a confirmed booking.


VAT recovery

FFA must invoice his services including VAT according to the European fiscal legislation.

The VAT rate is applicable in accordance with the law in force.