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1st ESTAD & 31st JSI

7-8 April 2014 - Paris



The final technical programme of the event is available here (updated 9 April)

Also available the presentations of the plenary session

1- Welcome address (Ph. Darmayan)

2- Opening address (C. Lerouge)

3- Situation and challenges for the steel industry in Europe (H.J. Kerkhoff)

4- Global Steel Industry Perspective - McKinsey survey (F. Bekaert)

5- Steel's contribution to a low-carbon Europe 2050 (H.B. L√ľngen et al.)

6- Future with Steel (D. Bhattacharjee)

7- Closing address (G. Moffat)

and the two-page summaries.

You can download the programme of the previous JSI here below

More information about the previous JSI in the Archives.